Sex Tips

While sometimes shooting in the dark hoping for the best might prove to be a great tactic, that’s rarely the case with female orgasms. It’s often thought that women can reach the Big O! quite hard but in fact it’s not that difficult – and, what’s more is that they can actually climax as a response to various kinds of stimulation, emphasizing on a different part of their bodies. In fact, women are blessed with the ability to come a couple of times, known as multiple orgasms.

However, it usually all comes down to the ability of the man. So we have some tips for you to follow if you want your girl screaming and satisfied. They are not difficult to follow, yet sometimes men forget about them once in the bedroom.

It all starts well before that, outside the bedroom. Take her to a favorite place of her, spoil her a bit and be sure that her brain will reach to this kind of stimulation.

Make your woman feel sexy, don’t forget to remind her how hot she is in your eyes and how much you like her, love her, want her. The last part is often omitted as men sometimes tend to think that as long as they’re having sex with their significant other often enough, it’s obvious they find their women attractive. Well, break the habit – send her a text message, tell her what you’re planning to do with her when she comes home. And then do it. Just think about it – you’d love it if she did it to you. Oh, has she done it already? Nice!